Milestones is a family oriented preschool and childcare program, providing the highest quality education at every developmental level. We believe that children learn through their environment, where self-confidence blossoms through exploration and achievement.

Our owners and staff treat each family as a part of their own.  The children’s success and growth at Milestones is the most important aspect of what we do.  Our family oriented environment creates a safe and loving learning experience for children of all ages.  The children at Milestones develop a strong foundation to become successful adults.  The families we serve know that their child is receiving the utmost care and that we are dedicated to his or her future.

Discipline & Behavior Management-
At Milestones, Children are taught the importance of being a friend and treating others with care and respect. The goal of discipline is to help young children gain self-control and acceptable behavior. When children receive positive interactions from adults and others, they develop a good self-concept, problem-solving abilities, and self-discipline.

The most effective behavior management tool is to motivate appropriate behavior with modeling, positive reinforcement, and redirection. At Milestones, we will create an environment where every child can experience the greatest amount of success, everyday.