Our “Wrens” classroom is for children ages 3 years to 4 years old.

Lead Teacher – Ms. Katlyn

Assistant Teacher – Ms. Mandi

Sample Classroom Schedule:

6:30am – 8:50am          Welcome/Free Exploration

8:50am – 9:00pm          Clean-up/Handwashing

9:00am – 9:15am          Snack

9:15am – 9:35am          Circle Time

9:35am – 10:30am          Free Exploration/Centers

10:30am – 11:00am          Outside Time

11:00am – 11:15am          Handwashing/Calendar

11:15am – 11:30am          Music & Movement

11:30am – 12:20pm         Handwashing/Lunch

12:20pm – 12:50pm          Outside Time

12:50pm – 1:00pm          Potty/Handwashing

1:00pm – 3:00pm          Nap Time

3:00pm – 3:30pm          Wake-up/Stories

3:30pm – 3:45pm          Handwashing/Snack

3:45pm – 4:00pm          Circle Time

4:00pm – 4:30pm          Free Exploration/Centers

4:30pm – 5:00pm          Outside Time

5:00pm – 6:00pm          Handwashing/Free Exploration/Goodbyes

*Schedules are subject to change