Milestones is OPEN!

Milestones Parents:

We understand that there is a lot of worry regarding the Coronavirus. Many parents have approached us questioning whether or not we plan to close our doors for a period of time; just as many parts of Washoe County have. We would like to assure you that your child’s health and well-being is our daily concern and we will continue to watch our environment very closely. Our goal as always, is to stay open for all of our families that need our services daily. With our best efforts, we will continue to take all appropriate steps of prevention: Washing and sanitizing our environment and touch points, keeping your child’s hands and face washed throughout the day, excluding children that show signs of any illness, and trying our absolute best to keep their hands out of their mouth; although some age groups are easier than others to control regarding this.

Please remember that the spread of illness is a team effort therefore, we ask that if any of your children have shown signs of a fever, respiratory cough or shortness of breath; do not bring them to school until properly checked out by their Pediatrician. Children with any possible signs must be released by a doctor before returning to school. Please understand that if you yourself is experiencing possible symptoms it is important that you and your family not expose our environment. Please understand that if our school is exposed to a case than we will cooperate with the Washoe County Health Department regarding steps that they require us to take. At that point, all families will be notified regarding the plan of action.

Regarding Spring Break: For our families that are signed-up in our Youth Program. To prevent unnecessary exposure to illnesses in the public; we feel that it is important to adjust our daily activities to being 100% onsite at Milestones. We are currently working with Ms. Sydney regarding Plan B of fun-filled activities and surprises for the children while participating in our program. Please be assured that the price of the program will be adjusted to reflect the absence of field trips. Please feel free to see us if you have any questions or feel the need to make a change to the days in which you signed-up.

Please note that there is a diminished supply of hand sanitizer available in the public; along with the ingredients needed to make our own. Therefore, please feel free to use any of our hand soap available at all hand washing sinks located in the bathrooms and inside the classrooms. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding during this time. Preventative steps is the best that all of us can do together.