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Friday, January 25, 2013

It can be an overwhelming experience for parents when searching for a quality child care center. There are many great websites available online that guide parents through specific questions that they should ask. However, I feel that there are some questions never asked that should be a main focus in your tour. I am going to list some of the questions that are routine questions, and then I am going to add some personal questions that I suggest you use in your next tour.

Routine important questions:
• Is your school licensed by Washoe County and overseen by all the departments such as, Social Services, Health, Fire, City of Reno, Buildings Inspectors etc.?
• How many children are you licensed to serve?
• What is your educational philosophy?
• What is your discipline policy?
• Do you conduct background checks on all of your employees?
• Are your teachers certified in CPR and First Aide?
• What different types of training do you require for your teachers?
• What is the specific breakdown of age groups at your school?
• What is the child to teacher ratios in your classrooms?
• What is your sick child policy?
• What is your policy regarding administering both prescription and over the counter medications?
• Does your school supply any snacks or meals throughout the day?

Additional questions that I suggest you ask:
• Is the Owner of the school onsite or offsite?
• What is the background of the Owner(s)? Do they have an educational background?
• What is the background of the Director? What type of experience does she have?
• Is the Director a full time Director, or does she also play the role of a teacher in a classroom?
• What steps do you take in sanitizing your school and classrooms?
• What steps do you take when a contagious illness has entered any of the classrooms?
• Do you inform parents of the contagious illness that our child has been exposed to?
• What is your open door policy regarding me visiting my child?
• What is your open door policy regarding parental questions and/or concerns?

All questions are good questions to ask. Ultimately, parents are going to choose the school that they feel most comfortable with. Choosing the right school is an emotional decision for families and should not be a stressful experience for anyone. Bottom line….. go off of your first impression and feel when touring. As a mom it is important that I feel “warm & fuzzy” when I am in an environment that my child will be daily. School should be a great learning environment, but it should also be “home away from home” for our children.

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